Cleansing Salesforce CRM Data

Salesforce’s premier Enterprise and Performance subscriptions provide users with direct access to their raw data via a web-based API. This functionality is not enabled for the more economically priced Group and Professional subscriptions. Until now, these users could only change their data manually, making it difficult, expensive and time consuming to conduct any form of data cleansing.

This inability to clean CRM data is compounded by the rapid rate at which data is growing. The net result is a Salesforce CRM system that is so dirty, inaccurate and full of duplicates, that it is unusable, leading to decreased organisational performance.

Work-around for Cleaning Salesforce Data

The Data Cleansing Group has developed sophisticated tools which enable us to remotely connect to your raw Salesforce data without reliance on the web services API. This breakthrough allows for the cost effective bulk export, insert, update and delete of CRM entries, for ALL Salesforce subscriptions.

There is now no excuse for a dirty and ineffective Salesforce CRM database.

Data Cleansing Cycle, Melbourne, Australia

Typical Salesforce data cleansing projects

Our Salesforce data cleansing projects are tailored to your specific needs and can include the following:

  • Export data from Salesforce: We log into Salesforce with your credentials and export your Contacts, Accounts, Leads, Opportunities, Dashboard, Tasks, Chatter, Products, Forecast etc. This data is imported into our cleansing system.
  • Recreate Missing Data: Wherever possible, missing information (e.g. Post codes, states, country, phone area codes, gender, salutation, web address from email addresses etc.) is recreated.
  • Standardise Data: Data is combined, separated or modified to ensure that the same type of data exists in each column. For example, this step ensures that your contact’s first name, last name, email address, mobile phone number etc. are all in their respective columns.
  • Normalise Data: Similar data is normalised (e.g. mister, Mr., mr are all converted to Mr. Or street, st., strt. are all converted to St.). Telephone numbers are converted to their standard Telstra format, or otherwise as advised by yourselves. Email and web addresses formats are also checked, where provided, and reformatted as necessary.
  • De-Duplicate data: We use a custom-built fuzzy-matching algorithm to identify potential duplicates. Our methodology provides high accuracy matches with a tolerance on keyboard errors, misspellings, missing values, extra words, multicultural name variations and different address orders. This stage also includes checking for hints within your data fields that indicates that a contact is no longer valid (e.g. Deceased, Do-not-contact, Left, Unsubscribe, Retired, RTS etc.)
  • Verify & Enrich Data: The following verification services can also be included:
    • Emails. Your contacts’ email addresses are electronically verified on four levels. Our system runs in ‘stealth mode’ and completes this process without your contacts being notified.
    • Electronic verification. Your contacts’ addresses and telephone numbers are verified through numerous commercially available databases including White Pages, Yellow Pages, Australian Post Postal Address File, National Change of Address register, the National Bereavements Register etc.
    • Self-Verification: Contacts are sent a branded email containing their key details and asked to update or confirm. Clicking the buttons will open a secure web form pre-populated with their details. Users can edit details, including their email subscription options, as required. See Data Check for further details
    • Append value adding data including ABNs, ANZSIC codes, credit ratings, geo-coords, key contacts, employee size, profit, revenue, time zones etc
    • Web addresses are verified by checking that they return valid http headers.
  • Update your Salesforce CRM contact data: Your clean data is exported from our system. We remotely access your Salesforce account, back-up your data, bulk remove your duplicates and update your verified data.

Benefits of Salesforce CRM cleaning

Cleansing your Salesforce CRM data ultimately leads to improved marketing performance and a greater return on investment. Further benefits include:

  • Cost effective method of making your CRM data usable again.
  • Reduces client distress from sending multiple or incorrectly detailed solicitations.
  • Reduces wasted effort of marketing to inappropriate contacts.
  • By validating email addresses, you can ensure your messages reach the intended audience quickly and effectively.
  • Appending value adding data allows you to create high-yielding tailored campaigns to receptive market segments.