Address Verification & Enrichment Services

The Data Cleansing Group is an Australian provider of address verification and enrichment services. We are meticulous data geeks who go the extra mile to solve your data issues.

Our contact validation services include:

  • Verifying your data against our internal and external databases, updating non-current or missing values where applicable.
  • Managing self-verification campaigns through use of web-forms.
  • Co-ordinating call centre services to track down hard-to-find data.
  • Validating calculated outputs between legacy and new systems.
  • Developing algorithms to create verifiable serial numbers, policy numbers etc.

As part of our address cleansing services, data can be further enriched by appending ABNs, ANZSIC segmentation codes, credit ratings, geo-coordinates, time zones and any other web-based data (eg social media).

Cost Effective, Accurate Data Verification

Data verification can be an expensive process, especially when using manual labour (eg call centres) to obtain or validate data. Wherever possible, we structure our CRM address cleansing projects to use the most cost effective methods first, and then the expensive methods to verify any outstanding items.

For example, in a typical CRM verification project, we would determine if it’s possible to segment the data to take advantage of ‘self-verification’ processes. If so, these contacts are sent an email requesting them to confirm their details. The email contains a link back to a web-form, where they verify/update their data and even unsubscribe if desired.

Any contacts that are not updated through the self-verification process are verified against a database and all missing or non-current data updated. We have access to the White Pages, Yellow Pages, Australian Postal File, the National Change of Address database and numerous other industry specific sources. The cost per record for this process is approx. twice that of self-verification.

Any contacts not updated through the database verification process are fed through a call centre. The cost per record for this process is almost 5 times that of electronic address verification.

Any contacts not verified by the call centre are flagged as ‘non contactable’ and processed accordingly.

As with all our verification projects, the actual process undertaken and costs involved depends on the nature and quality of data to be verified, and the source(s) against which it can be validated

Regardless of the actual path taken, you can be assured that our experience and purpose built tools will provide you with cost-effective and accurate address verification services.